Retaining Wall Mercer Island

Many Uses

With a Mercer Island retaining wall in place, the soil fills in the space behind the wall rather than spilling out onto the ground. They can be used anywhere sloped ground is causing a problem in some way, as in construction projects to keep dirt from encroaching onto a house’s uphill facing foundation. Likewise, a retaining wall can prevent erosion away from a foundation on the downhill side.

Another common application for retaining walls is to terrace a slope for landscaping purposes. The wall’s perimeter can be straight, or curved for a more interesting look. A series of short walls that are offset one on top of the other are used to create planting beds going up the elevation of the slope.

Many Advantages of a Mercer Island Retaining Wall

Stately and sophisticated, retaining walls create outdoor spaces that are beautiful to behold and inviting to walk through. They add visual and textural interest as well as a sense of permanence. Our Mercer Island retaining wall can be used to stabilize the soil on your property, adding to its strength and overall value. So as you can see, there are many advantages to adding retaining walls to your landscaping plan.

Whether your project involves adding terraces, raised planting beds or a large structural wall, we offer the perfect solution for your design and aesthetic needs.

Aesthetic Possibilities of a Retaining Wall in Mercer Island

Aside from the pure utility a retaining wall provides, they can also be quite decorative. When thought out and designed well, retaining walls will add curb appeal and value to your home. A skillfully crafted retaining wall will give a clean, professional look to your property, adding aesthetic appeal which will set it apart from other homes in the neighborhood.

Choose from modern flat face units, traditional radius face units and rustic tumbled units for the wall that best compliments your landscape and structures. The wall can be designed to convey a contemporary look for modern architecture, or a more organic look for traditional houses.

Planning Your Mercer Island Retaining Wall

Due to the forces involved in holding back the weight of saturated soil, to keep it simple most retaining walls should be no higher than 4 feet tall. If you want to go higher than that, you’ll need surveying done by an engineer and permitting from the City you live in.

We install drainage systems behind the retaining walls that require it, which means bringing in gravel landscaping cloth, and 4 inch perforated pipe.

When planning your project, we have a variety of materials and colors to choose from. For instance, our colors include pewter, tan, beige, brown, golden brown, red, grey, charcoal, sandstone, and terracottablock from a variety of suppliers. You can choose the color and shape which will look great with the other components of your home.